Five simple steps

1. Determines products and signs agreements

We start the project by going through which products you want to be insurable. Then we sign an agreement and start the integration. Our business model is also simple – no start-up cost or fixed fee, we only share the revenue.



2. Add our API

We go through what it can look like on your site and best practice from other projects. In addition to certain rules that we must follow, you have a great choice in deciding how the insurances should be displayed on the product pages. Finally, tag your insurable products and add our Embedded E-Commerce Insurance API and we are ready to go.

3. The insurances go live

Now the insurances are live on the site. Immediately after completing the purchase on your site, the customer will receive a voluntary offer to take out insurance when they have purchased an insurable product. If the customer chooses not to take out insurance directly, they have the opportunity to do so later – which we are the only ones to be able to offer.

4. Purchase of insurance and customer management

Customers buy the insurance directly from us via our Embedded E-commerce Insurance platform which also sends insurance letters and provides access to My Pages where the customer finds all information and can make a claim. So you do not have to deal with purchases, questions about insurance or claims.

5. Accounting and payment

After each month, we report all purchases and income, after which we make a payment to you. Easy Peasy.

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